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Irena at Embracing Our Choices

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Life Coaching

I value the relationships I form with each client and believe that goes a long way in allowing me to help you improve your life. I can help you make better life choices or accept the aspects of your life that you cannot change. Such difficulties often underlie feelings of stress, anxiety or depression.

Having started extensive training in 2002, I started seeing clients in 2005 and have been fully qualified in the UK to practise psychotherapy since 2009 and have been certified as a Life Coach in the US since 2016.

I have opened up extra slots, when I don't normally work, to help with issues arising from the COVID-19 situation. Email me on to find out how I can help you today.

My independently verified professional profiles can be found by clicking on the following sites.


Background, Approach and Services

I’ve been practicing psychotherapy seeing clients since 2005, constantly developing and advancing my skills and techniques. I offer several services and specialized techniques dependent on your circumstances. Or you may feel that Life Coaching is more appropriate for you.

Get in touch by emailing to learn more about the ways in which I can help you.



My professional training is existential/philosophical. I have a UK Master's degree in Existential Psychotherapy & Counselling. I have a US Life Coach (ICF accredited) certification that is recognised internationally. I have more than 15 years’ experience working with adults (over the age of 18) in the UK National Health Service, as well as in my private practice. I also work as a certificated life coach privately. I have completed additional training in family bereavement and in couples/relationship therapy (where I am particularly interested in helping two people communicate better).

Whilst I have many years of experience working with a broad range of life problems and dilemmas, I have found myself developing in-depth expertise in helping adults navigate unexpected and profound life changes, covering...

  • expatriates changing home country and lifestyle

  • professionals dealing with career change or redundancy

  • couples experiencing separation and divorce

  • new parents

  • those losing a loved one

  • those struggling with their health

... and simply those whose life has lost meaning for no obvious reason. 

Throughout my work with you, I will actively observe and work within the Code of Ethics and Practice of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the Life Coach Institute of Orange County Code of Ethics as appropriate.

I am an accredited and registered member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). My registration number is 2011161872.

I am not affiliated to any organisation or any specific religious faith. My approach is inclusive of all diversity, spirituality and all religious beliefs and non-beliefs.



First, I will help you clarify what is making your life difficult to such an extent that you started looking for psychotherapy. I understand that many people look for psychotherapy reluctantly and as a last resort. Some people feel ashamed to admit that they need help. They worry that they will experience social stigma. They also worry that coming to psychotherapy means that there is something wrong with them, maybe even that 'they are mad'. I believe that it does not have to be this way. I try to help you see that your problems, whatever they may be, are part of the human condition experienced by all of us. Life is difficult and we all need help at times. There is nothing wrong with looking for it. To protect your sensitivities, I ensure that all our work together will be done respectfully, in complete privacy and totally confidentially.

Secondly, I will help you establish what you would like to achieve during psychotherapy. Often we will be returning to what gives meaning to your life and how this can better inform the life choices you make every day. Sample discussion topics are...

  • What do YOU think gives your life meaning in the context of your physical, familial, social, spiritual, intellectual and financial environment

  • How to approach life difficulties past or present

  • How to change your attitude when problems seem set in stone

  • Dealing with difficult people in your life

  • How to make good life choices, big and small, and then to learn to run with them and their (at times) unexpected consequences

  • How to plan and get started with your 'life project', whatever age or life stage.

Thirdly, at the end of a session, I may suggest techniques to help you between sessions. I believe that a lot of psychotherapy 'happens' after the  session. I may suggest keeping a brief daily journal; practising internal dialogues; deep breathing exercises; or simply treating yourself with kindness and compassion. None of these techniques are compulsory, but can be dipped into at times of stress or anxiety during the week. For couples, I may suggest 'communication exercises' in gentle, straight talking or using the left-hand column (things unsaid) technique.

I am often asked the difference between psychotherapy and life coaching. Psychotherapy focuses on emotional distress, working with states of mind such as anxiety, depression and stress. A primary objective is to help alleviate these feelings with a view to facilitating life changes that may lessen them altogether. Life Coaching, on the other hand, works with clients who consider themselves to be functioning well in their day to day life, but need help in formulating long term objectives, whether in their career or personal/family life, and strategies in reaching these objectives. I am pleased to have the training and experience to work as both separately.

I have clients around the world which has been made possible with the use of video technology such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp. I also work with clients via the text medium such as email, SMS and WhatsApp. (These sessions are subject to the laws and regulations of the country or state where you are situated for the session.)



Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • 1-1 Individual Psychotherapy/Counselling sessions

           starting 0900-1800              £80 per 50 minute session

           starting at or after 1800       £90 per 50 minute session

  • 1-1 Life Coaching sessions

           starting 0900-1800              £90 per 50 minute session

           starting at or after 1800       £100 per 50 minute session

  • ​Couples Counselling sessions

           starting 0900-1800              £110 per 90 minute session

           starting at or after 1800       £120 per 90 minute session

Usually these will be weekly sessions.

Under exceptional circumstances, I will make sessions available on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. For rates at these times, please click on the Rates option on the menu at the top of this page. (Note that the rates display correctly on desktop and iPad but not on iPhone. Please contact me by email on if you cannot see the rates correctly.)

Private Health Insurance accepted. AXA, AETNA, Vitality, Aviva and WPA. Others possible on request.

  • Six Week Separation and Relationship Difficulties Model

My Six Week Model may be of interest in order to exit your relationship gracefully. Potentially this Model could also help you take a step back and try and rebuild your relationship. Whilst intended for couples, it can also be used in One to One Counselling to help you resolve difficulties in trying to find a successful relationship or to exit a failing relationship (including negotiating a settlement and access arrangements).

The six week model is structured as the following sessions:

  1. Introduction and Goal Setting/Finding Our Common Goal

  2. Pinpointing Different Communication Styles and Learning How to Speak the Same Negotiating Language

  3. How to Let Go of Past Grievances (Individual Sessions)

  4. How to Leave Conflict on the Sideline

  5. Review of Our Common Goals

  6. How to Accept Unresolved Issues Amicably 

Why six weeks? The end of the sixth week provides a cut off point and the week by week programme sets out clearly the subject to be tackled in each session. This can be helpful particularly if your current perception of Couples Counselling is that it can be woolly and unfocussed. Of course the six week time limit and the specified session subjects can be altered to suit your particular circumstances. You may find that the very process of the two of you agreeing on the six week programme can provide insights into how your other negotiations might be carried out successfully.

I am offering a 10% discount if you pay in advance for the six sessions as a block booking.

Group Workshops available on application, e.g. stress management; dealing with anxiety; better communication with our loved ones.

  • Life Coaching packages also available, payable in advance

          £240 for set of 3 sessions (£80 per 50 minute session)

          £375 for set of 5 sessions (£75 per 50 minute session)

          £700 for set of 10 sessions (£70 per 50 minute session)

Please contact me directly on to arrange these.

  • Peer Supervision Groups available for Psychotherapists and Counsellors

          Maximum of 4 psychotherapists and/or counsellors per session

          Meet monthly on line using Zoom

          No charge for the session save for a £10 per person per session administration fee

Please contact me directly on for availability.

All contact, discussions and sessions are in confidence.

  • Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp Psychotherapy and Life Coaching video sessions are especially relevant at this time of self isolation

  • Email/SMS/WhatsApp Psychotherapy and Life Coaching text sessions are also available at discounted rates

  • Flexible arrangements (including spot coaching) are possible

  • Sliding Scale of Hourly Rates with discounts for the unemployed, the retired and students

  • Czech language also fluently spoken and written

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