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Where to find emotional support during COVID-19

I think for those of us who feel isolated and lonely due to the current circumstances, digital contact is very important. I feel very concerned for those who are suddenly marooned in another country without their families or those who live alone and in self-isolation finding themselves on their own without respite.

I offer digital Psychotherapy & Counselling on Skype/FaceTime. I run a private practice, specialising in anxiety resulting from change in life events. Some specific examples are breakdown of relationships and redundancy, as well as relocation in the case of expatriates and foreign students.

Many of us are very happy to ‘meet‘ digitally - and this is now coming into its own with self isolation. Perhaps I could be of some help to you or someone you know, who is finding this a difficult and anxiety inducing time. I offer a sliding scale of hourly fees dependant on your circumstances.

Explore this website for help and emotional support during this difficult and unprecedented time as well as more details and online booking of sessions. I hope that I can be of help to you or yours.

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