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5 Lessons From Lockdown

‘Don’t stand, don’t stand so, don’t stand so close to me...’ In New Zealand, we are at Alert Level 1. We want to live our life as before. Some of us are a tad apprehensive though. Last week, the local supermarket in the small town of Kaitaia in the Far North decided to remind customers of the C-19 message by playing the 1980s hit song by the Police on a never-ending and ultimately teeth grinding loop to its customers, as they bullishly wheeled their trolleys up and down the aisles. We are still getting used to the #NewNormal. The national press chimes in to remind us about The Five Lessons from Lockdown: 1. Stay in touch #remember the old friends you re-discovered on LinkedIn and keep on Zooming; 2. Keep properly communicating #now that there will be ‘less’ time, make the time to sit and chat with your loved ones; 3. Be less of a Yes Person #remember how good it was to say righteously ‘No’ to people during Lockdown and how blissfully empty your calendar was; 4. Keep feeling your feelings #like you had to faced with Covid-19 in the highs and in the lows; and BIZARRELY 5. Keep wearing your elasticated clothes #life will be much easier without bra underwire or those rib-crushing jeans. Keep this list and see in a year’s time where you are with it. Heck, in a month’s time!

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