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Is it Men’s Mental Health Week?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I am not sure. There’s been only one post about it that I could find, even though I searched for a bit. Saw little about it on TV, not very much in the press. Much more about Father’s Day, where men are praised for being courageous, reliable and hard working. And powerful. Solid protectors of their families. What if they cannot manage to be all that? And do all that - because of stress, depression, anxiety? Or low self-esteem? Or anger? To my mind, this is symptomatic of how men’s mental health often ends up on the back burner. One of my new resolutions is to try and and open wider the door of my psychotherapy practice to men, especially to younger men in their 20s and 30s. Perhaps one way to do this is by talking to men generally about psychotherapy, as they may know someone who needs it. This post is partly intended to do that. Btw - I did talk to men in my address book and bingo, one new male client in his 30s has booked an appointment! A relative of a friend of a friend. This will now be my focus.

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