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How Do I Deal With Anxiety? Part 3 - Doing the 10 minute hop

You want to get something done. Anxiety stops you. You can’t break through.

Last time I talked about ‘Doing the 10 minute Hop.’

Why 10 minutes? If you feel too anxious to start on a project, set yourself the task of doing it ONLY for 10 minutes. This is a manageable period of time. If it feels too long, decide on 5 minutes. Or 3 minutes. Time yourself. Use a kitchen timer or stop watch. Stop on the dot.

Hey, you have started! In an hour’s time, you can do a further 10 minutes.

Why ‘a Hop’? The Lindy Hop is a dance invented in the ‘20s. It is fast. And over quickly. Even if your first 10 minutes have you staring at a piece of paper or your PC and you do nothing more than THINK, you have already started ‘dancing’.

What happens after 10 minutes? Walk away and do something else. As a reward, something you enjoy doing. For 50 minutes. Exactly. Then go back for another 10 minutes of the Hop. Focus on the scary project for 10 minutes. It’s OK again to only THINK about it, but don’t be surprised if you actually DO something. Something small.

Do this on the hour every hour. After a few 10 minute chunks, typically you will find that the work starts to flow, the anxiety is falling away and you get it done! Or half done! That’s good for now. Congratulate yourself and celebrate!

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